AAMW students are encouraged to take an internship at the Penn Museum for credit during the second semester of their first year. These internships have taken a number of different forms. Some students have focused on researching and writing more complete entries for the Museum catalogue. Others have done research in various labs at CAAM. Still other studentshave worked as exhibit interns for both temporary exhibits and permanent galleries. The following is a list of some recent projects that AAMW students have done.

  • Madeleine Nelson, intern for Eastern Mediterranean Gallery (opening in 2023)
  • Brigitte Keslinke, intern for the Stories We Wear exhibit (opening September 2021)
  • Emily French, Website for the Wanamaker Bronzes
  • Janelle Sadarananda, intern for the Golden Age of King Midas (2016)
  • Petra Creamer, research on intercultural style material from the Royal Cemetery of Ur
  • Katherine Burge, research on cylinder seals in the Near Eastern Collection