Ann Kuttner

Ann Kuttner

Associate Professor of the History of Art at Penn

(215) 898-8327 (main dept. number, ArtH), -0897 ( office)

Jaffe Building, Office 301


Ann Kuttner's research and teaching interests lie in Hellenistic, Roman and Late Antique socio-political history, visual language, and material culture. She also advises projects in the Renaissance rapprochement with the Roman legacy.  Long interested in luxury arts as domestic display, and public sculptural decoration and architectural programming, she has in the last years expanded research to include landscape architecture, painting, the character of the Roman domus and villa, and relations between textual production and visual language. A list of courses recently taught and a cv are posted at her History of Art home page. She is a member of the Graduate Group in Ancient History, and is among the associated faculty in the Graduate Groups of the Departments of Classical Studies and of Religious Studies.