Thomas F. Tartaron

Associate Professor of Classical Studies at Penn

(215) 573-5887

Office 293, Cohen Hall

For the past 30 years, Dr. Tartaron has participated in regional-scale studies of the Greek past, in which his principal focus has been on the Bronze Age. Among these have been major regional landscape archaeology projects: the Berbati-Limnes Archaeological Survey, the Nikopolis Project, the Eastern Korinthia Archaeological Survey (EKAS), and the Molyvoti, Thrace, Archaeological Project (MTAP). His ongoing project, co-directed with Daniel Pullen of the Florida State University, is entitled the Saronic Harbors Archaeological Research Project (SHARP). This research centers on the recently discovered Mycenaean harbor town at Kalamianos, south of Corinth. Dr. Tartaron has devoted his recent research to studying local- and regional-scale maritime networks and maritime coastal communities of the Bronze Age, resulting in his 2013 book Maritime Networks in the Mycenaean World. This book was awarded the James R. Wiseman Book Award by the Archaeological Institute of America in 2016. A current outgrowth of this research is an ethnoarchaeological project in Kerala state, India, which includes recording oral histories from older fisher men and women in traditional fishing villages there. He has expanded this project to Thrace and Cyprus. Most recently, he participated in the Yeronisos Island Expedition in western Cyprus, lending a hand in excavation, surface survey, and oral history interviews.