Josef W. Wegner

Associate Professor of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations at Penn Assistant Curator of the Egyptian Section at the Penn Museum

(215) 898-4039

Office 519, University Museum

Joe Wegner focuses his research on Middle Kingdom Egypt and is currently conducting archaeological excavations at South Abydos, Egypt. In 2002-2003 he conducted two seasons of fieldwork at Abydos, and completed magnetic resonance mapping in and around the current excavation site of the mortuary complex and town of Senwosret III, which he has been excavating since 1994. The purpose of this work was to provide evidence for as-yet-unknown buildings and other structures in the area of the Senwosret III complex. During March-April 2003, Dr. Wegner conducted excavations of a mastaba-tomb, with a massive sarcophagus and burial chamber, which may be a royal tomb belonging to a king of the 13th Dynasty.