On this page you will find a list of links to other sites of interest to the AAMW community. The links include professional organizations, institutions abroad, museums, databases and other research resources.


American Anthropological Association (AAA)

The AAA is the primary professional society of anthropologists in the United States since its founding in 1902, it is the world's largest professional organization of individuals interested in anthropology.

American Institute of Iranian Studies (AIIrS)

The AIIrS is a non-profit, non-governmental overseas research organization. It is an academic consortium, of which the members are universities and museums in North America with interests in the study of Iranian culture and civilization.

Society for Classical Studies (SCS)

The SCS, founded in 1869 as the American Philological Association (APA) by "professors, friends, and patrons of linguistic science," is now the principal learned society in North America for the study of ancient Greek and Roman languages, literatures, and civilizations. For over a century this community has relied on the Association to produce several series of scholarly books and texts; the journal, Transactions of the American Philological Association; and an annual meeting each January in conjunction with the Archaeological Institute of America.

American Numismatic Society (ANS)

The ANS is the preeminent national institution advancing the study and appreciation of coins, medals and related objects of all cultures as historical and artistic documents. It maintains the foremost numismatic collection and library, and supports scholarly research and publications, and sponsors educational and interpretive programs for diverse audiences.

American Schools of Oriental Research (ASOR)

ASOR supports and encourages the study of the peoples and cultures of the Near East, from the earliest times to the present. ASOR communicates news of the latest research findings in its publications and through lectures at its Annual Meeting, while its overseas institutes host scholars working in the Middle East.

Archaeological Institute of America (AIA)

The AIA endeavors to create a vivid and informed public interest in the cultures and civilizations of the past, supports archaeological research, fosters the sound professional practice of archaeology, advocates the preservation of the world's archaeological heritage, and represents the discipline in the wider world.

Center for Ancient Studies (CAS)

The Center for Ancient Studies at the University of Pennsylvania strives to bring together students and faculty, as well as members of the greater Philadelphia community, who share a passion for the ancient world, through the promotion and support of events pertaining to pre-modern societies.

College Art Association (CAA)

The CAA supports all practitioners and interpreters of visual art and culture, including artists and scholars, who join together to cultivate the ongoing understanding of art as a fundamental form of human expression. Representing its members' professional needs, CAA is committed to the highest professional and ethical standards of scholarship, creativity, connoisseurship, criticism, and teaching.

Council of American Overseas Research Centers (CAORC)

The members of the CAORC have centers in Bangladesh, Cambodia, Cyprus, Egypt, Greece, India, Israel, Italy, Jordan, Mexico, Morocco, Nepal, Pakistan, Tunisia, Turkey, West Africa, West Bank/Gaza Strip and Yemen. They serve as a base for virtually every American scholar undertaking research in the host countries.

Institutions Abroad


American Research Center in Egypt
Egypt Exploration Society
German Archaeological Institute in Cairo


American School of Classical Studies at Athens
British School at Athens
French School at Athens
German Archaeological Institute at Athens
Greek Ministry of Culture

Iraq and Iran

British Institute of Persian Studies, Tehran
British School of Archaeology in Iraq
German Archaeological Institute in Baghdad
Iranian Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization


American Academy in Rome
British School at Rome
French School at Rome
German Archaeological Institute in Rome
Soprintendenza Archeologica di Roma

The Levant

American Center of Oriental Research in Amman
Cyprus American Archaeological Research Institute
W.F. Albright Institute of Archaeological Research


American Research Institute in Turkey
Research Center for Anatolian Civilizations
British Institute of Archaeology at Ankara
Turkish Ministry of Culture


Databases and other research resources

AIA Archaeological Fieldwork Opportunities Bulletin (AFOB)
Over 250 listings for archaeological projects around the world. Each AFOB listing features a project profile window with icons to provide information on the size of the project, age requirements, and academic credit availability.

Abzu is a guide to the rapidly increasing, and widely distributed data relevant to the study and public presentation of the Ancient Near East via the Internet.

Beazley Archive
An archive of material relating to the study of classical archaeology and art with an estimated 500,000 notes, 250,000 black and white photographs, 33,000 negatives, 7,000 colour prints, 2000 books and catalogues, and 50,000 gem impressions.

Bryn Mawr Classical Review
Bryn Mawr Classical Review publishes timely reviews of current scholarly work in the field of classical studies.

Classical Atlas Project
On-line resources related to the Barrington Atlas and to other aspects of ancient geography and cartography.

Encyclopædia Iranica
Encyclopædia Iranica is the most extensive compendium ever conceived on the past and present culture of the people who speak an Iranian language and their contribution to the broader history of human civilization. It is a precise and reliable reference work on the lands, life, culture and history of all Iranian peoples and their interaction with other societies.

Epigraphik Datenbank Description
Searchable list of all (!) inscriptions published in CIL, AE, ILS and other major corpora.

Fasti Online
The Fasti Online provides a searchable database of archaeological excavations in the Mediterranean since the year 2000.

Gnomon Online
Gnomon Online is a supplement to the Gnomon Bibliographische Datenbank on CD. Gnomon Online makes available about 15% of the CD, which comprises now ca. 240.000 titles. You will find here the complete set of entries from 1997 onwards.

NESTOR Bibilography of Aegean Prehistory & Related Areas
NESTOR is an international bibliography of Aegean studies, Homeric society, Indo-European linguistics, and related fields. It is published monthly from September to May (each volume covers one calendar year) by the Department of Classics, University of Cincinnati.

Penn Franklin Catalogue
Franklin is the online catalogue for all the Libraries at the University of Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania Sumerian Dictionary Project
The PSD is preparing an exhaustive dictionary of the Sumerian language which aims to be useful to non-specialists as well as Sumerologists. In addition, we are developing tools and datasets for working with the Sumerian language and its text-corpora. All materials will be made freely available on this website.

Prosopographia Imperii Romani Description
Searchable index of the P.I.R.

The RomArch home page is the original crossroads for Web resources on the art and archaeology of Italy and the Roman provinces, ca. 1000 B.C. - A.D. 700. RomArch is an Internet discussion group sponsored by the Department of Classics and the Interdepatmental Program in Classical Art and Archaeology at the University of Michigan.

UMI Proquest Digital Dissertations
UMI publishes and archives dissertations and theses; sells copies on demand; and maintains the definitive bibliographic record for over 2 million doctoral dissertations and master's theses.

Zenon is an online bibliographical source, including fully digital versions of the Realkatalog of the DAI (German Archaeological Institute) in Rome and the subject catalogue of European pre- and early history and the archaeology of the Roman provinces in the RGK (Roman-Germanic Commission) in Frankfurt.